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LECTURE 12 基本动词 COME 4






LECTURE 12 基本动词 COME 4


1. come in out of the rain **懂道理;识时务

解 习语;词义溯源:来到[里面(in)] [躲雨(out of the rain)];参照not know enough to come in out of the rain

例 Tell him the quality of his work has really been suffering for the past two years and that I don't want to talk with him about a pay raise until he comes in out of the rain and starts giving me the kind of writing he used to produce.

2. come into one's own **得到某人应得的东西;进入繁盛期;获得成功

解 习语;词义溯源:来到[自己的位置(one's own)][里面(into)]

例 It looks like Lisa is finally coming into her own. She's been given a slot as co-anchor of the midnight news program. It won't be long before she's anchoring the popular “Six O'Clock News”.

3. come of age **到法定年龄;成年

解 习语;词义溯源:达到[成年(age)]

例 Where Do We Go From Here? is a song about the feelings of loneliness and lack of direction many couples feel after their children have all come of age and left the home. It was popular back in the mid-1980's.

4. come off it *不要胡说,别骗人了

解 俚语;词义溯源:从[谎言中脱离(off)]而来

例 Your uncle is Obama? Come off it! If your uncle is Obama, then my grandfather is Albert Einstein!

5. come off second best **位居第二;被击败

解 习语;词义溯源:[掉落(off)]成为[第二(second best)]

例 Guys, all of your ideas are good, but I'm afraid they're just not First Place stuff. For three years straight we've come off second best to Horton University in the annual Design Innovation Competition because we haven't been bold enough in our approach. We need something truly inspired or we'll end up behind Horton again.


(A) come in out of the rain

(B) come into his own

(C) come of age

(D) come off it

(E) came off second best

1. A: We have to make the results of the negotiation good enough that no company goes home looking like they ______. B: You're right, it's not good for anybody to appear to have lost—even if they actually did!

2. A: I've found an effective way to make my teenaged son ______ when he's not paying enough attention to schoolwork. B: This I've got to hear. I'm dying to find a way to make my own teenager sensible. All he thinks about nowadays is girls.

3. A: Young Do is a genius lyrics writer. He may be an unknown now, but I really believe he'll achieve the recognition he deserves someday. B: Yeah, he'll ______; he'll be recognized. But he's going to have to find a really good band to perform his works.

4. A: What's the legal age of adulthood in your country? B: I think the government legally considers you to have ______ when you're 21 years old. However, most people think graduation from high school marks the age of maturity and responsibility.

5. A: Oh ______ Tom. Do you really expect us to believe that? B: Yeah, get serious Tom. Tell the truth—what really happened?


1. (E)

2. (A)

3. (B)

4. (C)

5. (D)


I. 1. 告诉他,过去两年来他干的活非常糟糕,除非他能识时务,给我写出以前那样的作品,否则我不会跟他谈加薪的事情。

2. 看起来丽萨终于劳有所获。她被任命参与主持午夜新闻节目。她很快就会担任热播的 《六点钟新闻》 栏目的主播。

3. 《心归何处?》这首歌写的是孩子成年离开家之后,父母孤独和迷失方向的感觉。这首歌在上世纪80年代中期非常流行。

4. 你叔叔是奥巴马?别骗人了!如果你叔叔是奥巴马,那我爷爷就是阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦!

5. 伙计们,你们的想法都很好,但是恐怕这些都不是首选。由于我们的方法不够大胆,在年度设计创新大赛中,我们已经连续三年输给霍顿大学了。我们需要一些真正有启发性的想法,否则我们还会输给霍顿。

II. 1. A:我们必须使谈判的结果足够好,不能让任何公司撤回的时候看起来像是被打败了。B:你说得对。让任何人看起来像是输了不好——即便他们确实是输了!

2. A:我发现一种方法,每次我儿子对功课不上心的时候,可以让他懂道理。B:那我可得听听。我一直想要让我家那位小伙子明白事理。他现在整天就知道想姑娘。

3. A:青为是一位很有天赋的歌词作者。虽然他现在可能并不出名,但是我想他最终肯定会获得应得的赞誉。B:是的,他会成功,会获得认可。但是他得找一个优秀的乐队表演他的作品。

4. A:你们国家的法定成年年龄是多大?B:我想在你21岁的时候,政府就会从法律意义上认定你已经成年了。不过,许多人认为高中毕业意味着已经到了成熟和负责任的年龄。

5. A:嘿,别骗人了,汤姆。你真以为我们会相信吗?B:是啊,严肃点,汤姆。说真话——到底发生了什么事?

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